Clean Water

Oregon is blessed with clean, cool waters, and the O&C lands are teeming with spectacular rivers that flow through city and town.  From the Nestucca, to the McKenzie to the North Umpqua to the Rogue and the Illinois, these rivers are legendary.   They meander through the O&C lands, filtered for millennia through rocks and ancient forests.  

As a result, the forests and undeveloped lands help these waters provide clean drinking water for 1.8 million Oregonians, in both rural and urban communities.  Unlike other parts of the country, we are blessed with natural systems that create clean drinking water sources for Oregonians.  Instead of spending millions of dollars to chemically treat our water to ensure its safety for drinking, our forests lands provide a natural filtration system that allows us to save our limited resources.

Responsible timber harvesting can  protect this precious resource.  Clean drinking water sources aren’t something to take lightly.  Once we destroy these sources, we cannot simply wish them back.  

Our children and grandchildren deserve a plan that safeguards this precious Oregon heritage.

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Protecting the O&C Lands