Iconic Wild Rivers Draw Tourists from Far and Wide

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

While I may not visit the Kalmiopsis Wilderness as much as I would like, I find solace that this wild area is there waiting for me in all it's splendor. I visit the Kalmiopsis every summer to snorkel, swim, camp and enjoy a special high coast range lake with my family and friends. I also lead kayak tours on the lower Chetco river which flows from the protective umbrella of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. This wilderness and it's water cleansing service is one of the stories I always tell my clients while on tours either on the river or as we paddle out the Chetco river mouth to access the ocean around Brookings/Harbor.

The Chetco and the Kalmiopsis are iconic to the southern Oregon coast. As much as the Salmon and Steelhead that swim in it's clean water, the river itself draws people from far and wide. Tourists come here not just to fish, but to walk in the only grove of Redwoods on the Oregon coast, to enjoy the numerous world class swimming holes, to kayak or float with the currents or to simply lounge in the sun on one of the many scenic gravel bars. This area is truly one of a kind and deserves to be protected for the long haul. We need to take care of this gem for us and for the future wilderness explorers yet to come.

Dave Lacey
Owner, South Coast Tours LLC
Curry County resident for 20 years and counting...

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