Oregon Business Owners Stand up for Balance, Protections for Oregon’s O&C Lands

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
As Senator Ron Wyden pushes his bill to settle the longstanding issues surrounding Oregon’s O&C Lands, over 50 businesses have written to the Senator urging him to continue his balanced approach while asking him to protect several key areas not currently included in the bill.  They say that safeguarding these areas is critical for their businesses, as well as protecting an irreplaceable natural heritage.
“As business owners who depend upon a healthy environment and access to recreation, we recognize the tension between natural resource utilization and natural resource conservation. We agree that finding the right balance is the key to Oregon’s future economic growth,” the letter reads. “We believe your draft legislation on O&C lands is an important step in the right direction, and we appreciate all of the work you and your staff have done to get this far along in the process.”
As the hearing opened, Senator Wyden highlighted the significance of recreation jobs, saying they are an important part of the Oregon economy.

Read the letters here and here.

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