The O&C Lands and Oregon’s Hunting Heritage

Monday, December 16, 2013

I grew up hunting on the public lands throughout Oregon.  My father planned trips for our family when I was a young boy.  We’d look over maps, think through our plan and pack up the truck.  Those outings were a special time for us to spend together; to explore the wildlands of this beautiful state, to learn about the wildlife and the plants that call these places home,  and to talk late into the night about everything and anything.  It was an extraordinary way to connect as a family. 

This is a heritage that belongs to every Oregonian.

My children and I have carried on those traditions and now my children are also a part of the adventure. We love these lands and all that they possess.  But little by little, the places the public lands that we love and cherish are being destroyed. 

The O&C lands in Western Oregon are an important part of this legacy.  While some of these lands are and should remain as timber producing lands, many of the O&C lands provide clean drinking water to millions of Oregonians and are home to our some of our most precious habitats and wildlife.  

It’s time to find the right balance and to leave a legacy for our children and our children’s children.

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